Smartphone applications have been a growing trend for every business and services. Developing an application involves in having a basic knowledge of any language to code the program.

Developing an Application

Developing an application requires a design and database. Different languages and development environment are to be studied before building up an application which needs interaction with a database.

Broad knowledge any one of the languages such as Python, PHP, Java, C# etc will act as a base to build up an application. If you are targeting to create a game or to be front end developer you need to learn HTML, CSS, Java to develop the application.

To develop an application

1)  Identify the type of application you need to develop, application for professional use, designing a game or any application that will reduce your daily routine work.

2) Once the type of the application is decided proceed with the idea for the development of the idea for example a work out app for fitness, recipe app for home cooking, simple game or app to maintain daily tasks

3) Plan on the core function of the application is the first step in developing it, Define and derive the core function as of the application type such as what is the nature of the application, how the module works, the area that connects all the points in the application, the design of the whole process, the features that are to be included in it. As a beginner start off with a simple application which has basic field such as a login, new users, forget password, create a profile, sync and share the profile are the main core functions of the simple application.

4) Deriving the design, once the core function of the application is planned, the outlook of the design should also be planned accordingly. Draw a model of the front end design of how the application will be developed.

5) Design a flow chart on the behavior of the application with the flow of UI, instructing where to start and end. Design the flow chart as simple as possible so it won’t complex the next step of action.

6) Once the actions are planned next phase is to design the database. Design the Entity-Relationship Model (ERM) to map the data links. To interact with an API it is better to design a sequence diagram to get a clearer view of how the application would work.

7) Once the back-end database is planned successfully the next step is to move on to designing the front end model of the application using the previously sketched outline of the application. Wire-frame tools will assist to plan the UI flow of your application.

8) Next phase would be choosing the right tools to build the application. Bootstrap is a popular front end developing tool with which you can structure your application

9) Building your application, develop the application function by function. Step by step process is a must to be followed rule, complete a rule before starting another one. Track your progress and list down the work in a do to list to keep a track of the proceeding.

10) Test your function on the go, it is the best way to identify the bugs in the starting stage of development of the application. Testing tools for different languages are available for testing the application.

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